What is RSS?

An online Newspaper with only the articles you want to read

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method of delivering specific information on a subscription basis – very much a web equal to getting a magazine subscription in the mail. The key difference is that you can subscribe to whatever articles in the magazine you want to see, and combine articles from hundreds of different sources into one.

The problem: You want to get updates on products on several websites, get articles written by your favorite authors, get news on your favorite travel destination, articles about the stocks you hold and weather updates – RSS is the answer.

By using an RSS Reader application – like those listed below – you can subscribe to dozens of news sources, then you no longer have to go out on the web and search for this information – it will be delivered direct to you when it changes!

RSS is used by news, blog and podcasting sites, as well as software companies like us to alert our customers to new sample reports, web seminars, tutorials, training class schedules and product updates, all delivered as it happens!

You can use an RSS reader application that you download as a program, or to start off you can use an online RSS reader – we
use Google Reader. You are given thousands of content sources you can subscribe to (including ours of course) and you can easily and quickly review dozens of articles a minute, browsing updates to your favorite web sites in a fraction of the time.

Look for the RSS feed symbols        on web pages you visit – simply click them or copy the link into your RSS Reader program to subscribe to that web site and you are done – a big time savings!

Some sample news feed links that we watch that are related to QuickBooks are listed below to start – enjoy the time savings!