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We have two flavors of the QODBC product – the desktop version is used by one machine – and the Server/Terminal edition is used on a machine built to serve multiple users via different channels. The server edition works with standard products a PC desktop would use like Microsoft Office, or it can use web server tools to let users in remote locations see the data in the browser, web-based applications for business intelligence and dashboards, and SQL server database type tools are typical server applications that can talk to our QODBC product in the server edition. The cost difference is because of what is possible on a server machine compared to what is possible on a normal desktop PC.

QODBC Desktop Edition

QODBC Desktop Edition comes in two flavors for Windows desktop and one for Web Server use.

The desktop user can choose Read Only and Read/Write versions depending on the need. The Read Only edition allows you to display live QuickBooks data in your Windows application, but does not allow changing of data in QuickBooks. The Read/Write edition, allows changing of QuickBooks data.

Here are just some of the exciting features of using QODBC Desktop Edition:

  • Super Speed with Optimizer Technology QODBC now optimizes your QuickBooks data the first time you use a company file, making future requests super fast. Get your work done in one tenth the time of previous versions and faster than any other SDK application.

  • Access the Transaction Core of QuickBooks Accounting Data such as Invoices, Bills, Purchase Orders, Checks, Credit Memos, Estimates, Payments, Sales, Employee Time Tracking. Over 153 tables available!*

  • Generate Powerful QuickBooks Reports in your own applications such as Details on AR & AP, Aging Reports, Balance Sheet, Collections, Transaction Detail, 1099 Detail, Customer Balance Detail, Estimates, Expenses, General Ledger, Income Detail, Tax Detail, Inventory Detail, Item Profitability, Inventory Status & Valuation, Job Profitability, Open Invoices, Profit and Loss, Open PO’s Sales by Customer, Sales Tax, Time by Job Trial Balance, Vendor Balance Detail & Summary. Over 93 reports available!*

  • Free installation support for 30 days.
  • Generate your own income by creating applications using the QODBC OEM Program at greatly reduced costs!

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QODBC Server/Terminal Edition

QODBC works by accepting SQL (structured query language) commands from applications through the ODBC interface, then converts those calls to navigational XML commands, passing them to the QuickBooks SDK for processing and then returning recordsets that qualify for the query results.

This driver is not a Client/Server product, or a direct database access tool because that method is prohibited by Intuit, but rather communicates directly with the QuickBooks application as it runs.

The Server Edition of QODBC is not a multi-user environment per se where you would install it on a server and every workstation has access to it, nor would it be required if you’re simply using the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. QODBC is normally a client side product that would reside on the workstations with QuickBooks and the application it is to be used with.

Those using Multi-User products such as Terminal Services or Citrix to allow multiple users to use a single copy of QODBC on a server should be using the Server/Terminal Edition of QODBC.

Our Server/Terminal Edition of QODBC will allow you to set up a Web Server and use any web tool you wish to use (PHP, ASP, ADO, Cold Fusion) to access data live from QuickBooks via ODBC without conversion in real time. If your customers need to know what’s in stock right now or you need to know Today’s sales while out of the office, then this is the product for you!

The Server/Terminal Edition also works with data server applications running on Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows NT Server, such as Microsoft SQL Server. The Desktop Edition is not designed to handle multiple threads and communications from a protected background server process, but the Server Edition can operate in this mode.

To use QODBC with your service-based applications, you need to connect to the QRemote Client DSN

The Terminal/Server Edition would also be used in conjunction with QRemote in an environment where QuickBooks and the company file reside on the server and the workstations have the application but not a copy of QuickBooks on them, thus allowing remote data sharing.

Please contact one of our sales team to discuss your requirements further

Since you are about to install a ODBC driver, you will need administrative privileges to perform the installation. If you are logged on to a user account, log off and log on to an account with administrative privileges before downloading and installing these products.  Read more

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