QODBC Driver Version 2024 for QuickBooks 2024

QODBC is the ODBC driver for accessing the data in QuickBooks Accounting files.

QODBC is a fully functional ODBC driver for reading and writing QuickBooks 2024-2002 accounting data files by using standard SQL queries. It requires an ODBC compliant front-end application such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Python, C#, .NET, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Crystal Reports, Jitterbit, QlikView, Power BI, and many popular report writers and tools. Once installed, it will allow these applications to read and write QuickBooks Accounting files in the same fashion as other file formats installed on your computer. Using the official QuickBooks SDK interface, we are able to offer our customers total compatibility with all QuickBooks file formats.

New Features in QODBC Version 2024

With each new major release of QuickBooks, Intuit will add features/enhancements to QuickBooks that users have been asking for. Some of these enhancements with regards to the database are also passed on to us through Intuit’s development kit. Here are some of the new additions and enhancements that have been added in QODBC version 2024:

New Features in QODBC and QRemote

  • QODBC has changed to a yearly 1 payment subscription license as QuickBooks has also gone to subscription model. Using this new model, QODBC will no longer cease to connect when customers deploy a QuickBooks major revision update and there is no need to order updates as they will now be automatically billed to customers payment method. Customers will receive an email 2 weeks before renewal in case they need to change the payment method.
  • Updated installer UI, added support for installing QODBC 64-Bit and removed QRemote Server from the Windows Startup.
  • Added QODBC 64-bit driver to use with 64 bit client.
  • Improved auto-detection of QODBC Optimizer data quality.
  • Changed the “Add XML to Detail Trace Log” option to be checked by default in the QODBC Setup Screen.
  • Added a new feature named the ‘REVERSEPOSITION’ function (which searches the index of the value from right to left).
  • Changed the QODBC Windows Bubble notification from Windows to QODBC’s popup.
  • Improved error message Create QuickBooks COM Instance Error = 80040154. (v350)
  • Added support for 4D server application (in QRemote)
  • Added “Keep-Alive” to improve QRemote Server connectivity.
  • Added Support for QuickBooks 2024 in QODBC Desktop.

New Features in QODBC Support Wizard 2024

  • Improved verification of QODBC Optimizer file integrity.
  • Added the option of enabling or disabling trace logs along with QuickBooks verbose logs.
  • Added a feature to the search for the column name. Added functionality to copy column names.
  • Added a check for Microsoft Office 2013 – 2016 virtualization causing a license issue.
  • Added a feature to check if QRemote Server is running in Elevated mode.
  • Added a feature that allows double clicking result of when using sp_tables and sp_reports will query the table/report selected.
  • Added command line parameters “support” and “bug” to open the “Submit a support ticket” step directly.
  • Added more sample SQL Statements in the QODBC Test Tool dropdown.

For a more in depth detail of the new fields, enhancements, and error messages, please refer to the Readme.rtf

Included in QuickBooks Enterprise Editions

The basic features of the read-only desktop edition of QODBC has again been chosen to be included as a feature in the QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 2024 product, on the main file menu under Utilities. If you need a read-only edition of QODBC and have this version of QuickBooks, you are ready to go, no purchase required! We have also now been chosen to be included in QuickBooks Enterprise Editions in Canada.

Download it Now!

What is ODBC?

ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) is a specification designed by Microsoft to allow Windows applications to access multiple database systems through a single method with no regard for various file formats. SQL (Structured Query Language) is used as the method for accessing data through ODBC. Vendors of ODBC drivers (like this one) follow the specifications for ODBC so that any ODBC compliant application can access the data available through the driver. ODBC compliant applications include: Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, PowerBuilder, Embarcadero Delphi, Crystal Pro Report Writer, Visual Basic, and hundreds of others. Users of these applications do not need to learn SQL language to access these database files, they are simply presented on the desktop for the user to manipulate with wizards and icons.

What is QODBC?

QODBC is an ODBC driver (DLL) for QuickBooks Accounting format files. QuickBooks Accounting stores it’s data in it’s own proprietary DBMS file format. This driver allows users of any ODBC compliant front end application to read and write data contained in QuickBooks Accounting format files similarly to any other ODBC enabled database.

QODBC works by accepting SQL commands from applications through the ODBC interface, then converting those calls to navigational XML commands to the QuickBooks Accounting DBMS and returning record sets that qualify for the query results. This driver is not a Client/Server product, but rather communicates directly with the QuickBooks application as it runs. QuickBooks is a flat file database, and this driver will not change it into a relational database, so keep that in mind when developing with this driver.

QODBC acts as a ‘wrapper’ around the Intuit SDK so customers can finally get at their QuickBooks data using standard database tools; speeding development time.

What can I do with QODBC?

QODBC opens up the QuickBooks Accounting files created by thousands of custom programs to the new world of database connectivity. In the same way that Windows has created an environment where all applications have a similar look and feel, ODBC drivers make all database formats look the same.

  • A user in Microsoft Office can use Excel to pull company accounting or invoice information directly into a spreadsheet and create a chart.
  • Microsoft Word can do a customer mail merge directly from QuickBooks Accounting files.
  • Crystal Pro Report writer can create multi-file reports from QuickBooks Accounting data.
  • Microsoft Access or Borland Delphi can be used to merge QuickBooks Accounting data with other data sources to produce complex reports, or to run mass file updates based on multiple criteria.

Best of all, this driver is transparent and works in exactly the same fashion of ODBC drivers from other vendors. QuickBooks Accounting developers can now offer this driver to their customers to allow them direct access to their important data.

All of our products support QuickBooks USA, Canada, and UK versions 2024-2003. QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise editions, and Reckon Accounts are supported.

The Benefits of QODBC

  • SQL and ODBC are the corporate data access standard
  • Quick installation
  • No training required
  • Transparent operation
  • ODBC level 2 support
  • Read-Only, Read-Write, and Internet versions

Note: QuickBooks does not support writing to all areas of the accounting database, some areas are protected.

Today’s end users are extremely sophisticated, requiring up-to-the-minute data to make a significant number of business decisions. Business people cannot afford to wait for their computer departments or CPA’s to service a request for accounting data. The data must be available on the desktop instantly. ODBC is the solution for all Windows applications, and QODBC is the solution for QuickBooks Accounting users and developers needing a standard way to access data in all of their applications.

Sharing Data with QuickBooks

All QuickBooks data elements supported by the QuickBooks SDK are supported by the QODBC Driver for read and write capability (depending on the license of QODBC purchased).

Main Benefits of this Product

QuickBooks Pro Advisors and consultants can configure reports and spreadsheets with live QuickBooks data for their customers, increasing billing hours. Developers can create applications that use QuickBooks data with ease, using QuickBooks data via existing ODBC data controls and methods. End user customers can use wizards and mail merge capabilities in Windows standard applications to merge QuickBooks data in their daily routine with just a few mouse clicks.

Free Evaluation Version

We also offer a FREE QODBC Read-Write trial copy of the software limited to 30 days of use. The evaluation version of QODBC is limited to 20 write operations to QuickBooks per session, otherwise fully functional including server mode.

Technical Support

A FAQ section and free support knowledgebase are available for those evaluating QODBC. All customers can obtain free technical support via our Support Ticket System. Program anomalies will be addressed at no charge, and updates posted on our website. Support issues specific to your application or requirements may be subject to a $75 per incident consulting fee.

System Requirements

QODBC is a Windows Driver (DLL) and has the same system requirements as the QuickBooks Desktop Accounting version it is communicating with.

QuickBooks Versions Supported

QODBC version 2024 works with the following QuickBooks and Reckon Accounts Editions:

United States of America (USA)
United Kingdom
Australia, New Zealand, Asia(Reckon)

Note: Includes QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions (all industry specific variations). The QODBC Read Only Edition is included with QuickBooks USA Enterprise Edition and Canadian Enterprise Editions.

All of our products support QuickBooks USA, Canada, and UK versions 2024-2003. QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise editions, and Reckon Accounts are supported.

  • QuickBooks USA Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Simple Start, or Online editions
  • QuickBooks Canada Pro, Premier, or Enterprise
  • QuickBooks UK Pro Premier
  • Reckon Accounts / QuickBooks Australia Pro
  • Reckon Accounts / QuickBooks New Zealand Pro
  • Reckon Accounts / QuickBooks Singapore Pro
  • Reckon Accounts / QuickBooks Southeast Asia Pro

USA, Canada, and UK editions are available via this website. Other editions are available through our regional distributor for the Asia Pacific region.


Description Price
QODBC Desktop Edition Read Only Driver for QuickBooks Subscription $149.00 – single user per year
QODBC Desktop Edition Read Write Driver for QuickBooks Subscription $199.00 – single user per year
QODBC Server Edition Read Write Driver for QuickBooks Subscription (Click here for details.) $499.00 – per server per year

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