QODBC OEM Edition – Save up to 80%

QODBC can be purchased directly by developers
for use in their applications as a OEM Edition
for BIG dollar savings!

The OEM Edition of the QODBC Driver for QuickBooks allows registered developers* to create applications based on data in QuickBooks with the ease of the standard driver but at a greatly reduced cost. Registered Developers also qualify to advertise their products in our QODBC Worldwide Solutions Marketplace Catalog.

The OEM Edition of QODBC does not allow use by end-users using desktop applications, but is locked to the application created by the developer only, allowing us to reduce the cost by up to 80%. It also does not have any pop-up screens or banners, and is designed to install quietly with the developers application. Please e-mail us using the feedback form for QODBC OEM pricing information.

Developers are expected to handle primary support for their own users on the OEM version of QODBC.

We make a product called Postal Package Partner, which allows shippers to take advantage of USPS Delivery Confirmation Services for Priority, Express, First Class, and Package Services. 

We have a feature in our product which allows our customers to connect to their database using ODBC.  This enables them to enter their order/invoice number or customer number and all of their shipping information populates into their shipping screen!

We recommend to all of our QuickBooks customers to purchase your QODBC driver as it is the easiest way to get their data into PPP.  We do have an import feature, but QuickBooks isn’t too friendly when exporting Shipping/Order data.

Please take a look at our website for more information on what we do!


Teresa T.
Window Book Corp.
Atlanta, GA

Use of the OEM Version

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version of the QODBC driver for QuickBooks requires a working knowledge of the standard QODBC driver installation and operation, and is functionally the same.

The OEM version is not designed for end users and operates fully only when called from a developers application with a proper connect string option.

Limiting the OEM driver’s use specifically to the developers application allows us to eliminate the cost of support from the product and sell it at a greatly reduced cost. Developers can then distribute QODBC based applications with a low overhead.

If the end user attempts to use the ODBC driver OEM version from Microsoft Excel for instance, it will not function. However, the end-user is free to try the QODBC Basic edition, which is installed at the same time as the OEM edition, and shows the basic features of QODBC in case they are interested in upgrading to the full version.

The end-user of your application may decide to upgrade to the full QODBC driver for their own personal use, and you may sell them the upgrade at our normal prices by purchasing it from FLEXquarters. Full QODBC drivers will remain separate from OEM versions so as not to upset program operations due to upgrades.

All developers who use the QODBC OEM Edition will have their own separate drivers so as not to conflict versions.

*Requirements and Registering End Users

The developer must purchase a Read-Only or Read-Write QODBC master license, and then purchase a 15 pack package of Developer codes, which can be used at any time when you are prepared to install them.

Developer codes can be purchased in packs of 15 units Read-Only or Read-Write licenses. All licenses are for a single installed machine.

Once a 15 pack is ordered, you can order developer codes from a private web page or automatically over the net from within your application. Codes are generated instantly and a sufficient number of OEM credits must be on file for codes to be generated.

Using The Driver From Within Your Application

The QODBC OEM version driver operates the same as the full version driver, but limits full access to your application, which must login to gain access.

When you order your first QODBC OEM 15 pack we will provide you with a Visual Basic Script program connecting example. It can be run by clicking on it from the desktop. When run it will display a list of employees from QuickBooks if successful.

All ODBC compliant languages are able to support a "connect string" to connect with a database server through ODBC, and we use this method to identify the developers application and grant full driver access.

In Visual Basic, for example, the "Connect" string is normally not required unless login is required, but on the OEM edition it would be setup similar to the following:

ODBC;DSN=QODBC DEVELOPERNAME;DeveloperCode=W2003xxxxxxxx;

This breaks down as follows:-

  • DSN is the dataset name your driver is using to connect.
  • DeveloperCode is the full QODBC serial number you were assigned for your copy of QODBC.

Once the serial numbers are checked, the QODBC OEM version will work as a full driver to QuickBooks data, with the only difference being that the sign-on screen has been eliminated.

The end-user will still have access to the Free QODBC Basic Edition which was installed on their machines, and you can also resell this driver to them should you wish too.