QODBC Reseller Program

The QODBC Reseller Program allows Intuit Affiliates, Resellers and Advisors* easy access to QODBC based products for resale to customers.

Contact our dealer sales department to become a reseller on
USA: (+1) 248-620-2400
UK:    +44 (0)845 638 3730
Intl:   +1 (+1) 248-620-2400

or use our feedback form for Reseller pricing information.
Note: QODBC Resellers are expected to be the first point of support for their customers.

* QODBC Reseller Program Requirements


To qualify for the QODBC Reseller Program the Intuit Affiliate, Reseller or Advisor must be listed by Intuit and would have already purchased their own Read-Write QODBC license.

Developer Discount Margins are also available from FLEXquarters.com Limited. To be entitled to these discounts your registered QODBC OEM Master Serial Number must be clearly and correctly stated in your orders.