ColdFusion Data Source Setup Instructions


Run the ColdFusion Administrator. Under DATA & SERVICES choose Data Sources.

Use “QBs” as the Data Source name if you want to match the DisplaySQL.cfm sample script.

The Driver is ODBC Socket.

Press the Add button.

Under ODBC DSN choose a QuickBooks DSN. QuickBooks Data is a DSN that is created by the QODBC installation.

Username should be set to Admin.

You can put any notes you want in the description field.

Next Press the Show Advanced Settings Button.

Make sure the Limit Connections and Maintain Connections are unchecked. You can remove the check boxes on Create, Drop, Alter, Grant and Revoke. Add check boxes for Select, Insert, Update, Delete and Stored Procedures.

Press Submit and your QODBC Data Source should show on the list of Data Sources.


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