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Data Layouts

How QODBC Interfaces with QuickBooks

We have provided the following tools to help you determine where field information comes from in QuickBooks, which tables contain the information you want, how tables can be related, and sample SQL statements.

GENERAL TABLE INFORMATION: Designed to be your starting point for information research, these lists tell you the table name, how it used, and which other tables it can be related to.

DETAILED TABLE/FIELD INFORMATION: This tool shows you the detail for each field in a table, how it is used, and its relation to other tables/fields (if any).

RELATIONSHIPS: We have provided one click access to table/field relationships at both the table level and the field level.

REPORT DETAILS: For sp_reports (stored procedure reports) you will be able to get information about columns and parameters for each report.

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QODBC Data Schema

To view the raw data tables and field names for QODBC Driver for QuickBooks, click this link to see how to view table and row data available via your version of QuickBooks using the VBDemo tool.


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