FlexNews February 2013
FlexNews - February 2013
News about QODBC and other FLEXquarters.com Limited Products

QuickBooks and QODBC 2013 Editions


Intuit has released their 2013 editions of their QuickBooks line of products and QODBC version 13 that works with QuickBooks editions 2013 and is backwards compatible to QuickBooks 2002 has also been released. The read-only desktop edition of QODBC has again been chosen to be included as a feature in the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13 product, which can be found on the main QuickBooks menu under File>Utilities>Configure ODBC. If you require a read-only edition of QODBC and have this version of QuickBooks, you are ready to go there is no purchase required!


If you are upgrading your edition of QuickBooks to 2013 now or are planning to upgrade this year to one of the 2013 editions and have been using a registered version of QODBC in the past, you will need to upgrade your edition of QODBC to a registered version 13 (the serial number will contain 13 in the second and third positions) to continue using QODBC with your QuickBooks 2013 and any applications you may be using the driver with.

On the ordering page of our web site we have a rebate form for people upgrading the driver from a previous edition to version 13. This rebate offer applies to registered QODBC users that have purchased a prior edition of the driver who are upgrading to the new edition; this offer does not apply to first time purchases of product. Take advantage of the savings on this offer ending March 31, 2013. Click to see the Rebate Form for details.


QXL- Easy QuickBooks Data Export Utility 


FLEXquarters has been developing a QuickBooks data export utility geared for users that do not require live up to the minute data reporting and that want a utility that is extremely simple to use. QXL will simply give you a snapshot of the data you need into an Excel spreadsheet for you to view and manipulate; it does not require SQL programming knowledge to use. 

This utility will be extremely helpful to those QuickBooks users that have a basic or limited knowledge of Microsoft Excel and need to view their data as they need it to create labels, lists or views of data they just can not get from within QuickBooks itself or its export utility. 

We are looking for some beta testers that have a basic knowledge of using Excel and who would like to try QXL with QuickBooks. If you'd like to become a beta tester, please submit a request with our feedback form and you will receive more information in shortly.


Technical - QODBC eSupport Help Desk

Many of our customers and those that are just evaluating QODBC don't realize that they have support for questions they might have or technical assistance for QODBC right at their fingertips. We have recently revamped our eSupport Help Desk to make it easier for users to find answers to their questions. 


We offer a searchable knowledge base which may answer the questions you might have and if you can't find the answer you can sign up for the support system (it's free) and then you can post your questions directly and our support team will email you a reply.

QODBC User Comments

We'd like to share a few comments from our users and thank them for taking the time to send them to us.


"I really love QODBC.  It has changed the way our company operates with QuickBooks and has made life easier.  We are able to customize and manipulate our data more efficiently.  I was so excited to hear QODBC comes with QuickBooks Enterprise Edition".  Thank you so much for informing me!  Kevin C


"I purchased QODBC to allow invoices created in MS Access 2010 to be pushed into QuickBooks Pro 2012 Canadian version. I have familiarity with databases (both MS Access and SQL Server) in creating tables, queries, adds, edits, deletes etc but I am definitely not a programmer. 


I still have a lot to learn about QODBC (especially using the optimizer) however I was able to fully automate the transfer of the monthly invoices for our local non-profit water utility. Each invoice consists of seven lines (mostly for information purposes) with only 2 having actual price and amount. Each invoice is also marked as either to be printed or to be emailed. What a timesaver!


I have no idea how long this should take but on our system (Quickbooks database located on a separate file server) we processed 293 invoices in just over 9 minutes. Fast enough for me."  Geoff B


"I have used your support site now for about 3 years, perhaps 4.  I have always found them to be very helpful.  There is not a thing wrong with your FAQ site.  FAQ sites are inherently troublesome; it is just the nature of the beast.  I will say that your tech support forum and the accompanying FAQ are one of the best I have had to use.  Keep up the good work".  Noel Z


"Yes, I fall in the category of a novice who was trying to do the work of a database programmer.  I obtained a referral of a database programmer and he was able to create the report I needed in a couple of hours.  (I had spent 6 hours getting to the point of realizing I was operating outside of my toolbox!!!!)


I have the QuickBooks Pro Advisor certification but never knew about QODBC until now.  Glad to know it is out there.  I hope to become more knowledgeable on how to use it in the future.  For now, I am glad I found someone to bail me out of my problem"!  Margaret W

Thanks for reading!

The FLEXquarters.com Limited Team