FlexNews February 2012
FlexNews - February 2012
News about QODBC and other FLEXquarters.com Limited Products

QODBC version 12

If you have recently upgraded your edition of QuickBooks or are planning to upgrade this year to one of the 2012 editions and have been using a registered version of QODBC in the past, you will need to upgrade your edition of QODBC to a registered version 12 (the serial number will contain 12 in the second and third positions) to continue using QODBC with your QuickBooks 2012 and any applications you may be using the driver with. Buy Now


On the ordering page of our web site we have a rebate form for people upgrading the driver from a previous edition to version 12. This rebate offer applies to registered QODBC users that have purchased a prior edition of the driver who are upgrading to the new edition; offer does not apply to first time purchases of product. Take advantage of the savings on this offer ending March 31, 2012. Click to see the Rebate Form for details.


New QODBC for QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Point of Sale software just took a leap forward for users, with the release of our new QODBC for POS Driver for QuickBooks POS. This fully functional ODBC driver for QuickBooks POS versions 5-10 can read and write to the POS data files by using standard SQL commands. Many applications have ODBC support built-in and can automatically use QuickBooks POS data with wizard ease once this driver has been installed. Applications such as Microsoft Access, Excel, FileMaker or Crystal Reports will immediately have real-time access to your accounting data for custom reporting or integrating applications to insert data, eliminating double entry into the QuickBooks POS. More Details


FREE  If you are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor certified for POS, contact us about expanding your consulting business with a free copy of QODBC for POSContact Us


Technical - New QRemote Component


QRemote now allows QODBC (a 32 bit driver) to communicate with 64 bit applications such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and SQL Server much faster than its original debut in October 2011


With the addition of the new QRemote utility, configuring web applications or using SQL Server with QuickBooks data is much easier than in previous versions of QODBC. With QODBC editions prior to version 12 you had to use either DCOM, RDS or the iBiz component to work with QuickBooks data. These components became very difficult to configure after the release of Microsoft Vista, but now QRemote eliminates the use of these components. Once both the QODBC Server Edition and the QRemote utility have been installed, now you simply use the QRemote DSN and either your web application or SQL Server are ready to communicate with QuickBooks data. It doesn't get any easier than that!

QODBC Success Story

Occasionally our customers take time out of their busy schedules to drop us a line and let us know how QODBC has helped them with the needs of their business and as a thank you, we will send you a 100.00 Visa Card for using your story in our newsletter. Submit your story 

"I am a retired, franchise owner...we teach children how to draw in their schools, after school, in six counties in NE Florida. The franchise required that we buy and use Quick Books (QB) to support the business. While QB did a great job relative to financial support, it did nothing for the operational support of the business, and QB is NOT designed for volume, high speed entry of transactions. 

QODBC was recommended to me, but I am not a development technician. We purchased MS Access and designed a data base to support the business' operational challenges.  In order to have Access process our drawing class enrollments correctly, we next had to learn how to develop and incorporate VBA coding into the Access programs. Finally, we purchased QODBC so that we could port the data directly into QB...enter the data one time into Access then have QODBC register the student and create the invoice in QB. 

All data is entered into Access and we run the business from that application. Data that is relevant to maintaining the financials is integrated into QB via QODBC. We maintain both data bases with the work. 


And all this was done by non-technical folks who had a need and found the right product.  I will not say it is easy...but this level of development can be done by amateurs. 


I have had occasion to either use the forum method or talk directly with a support technician from time-to-time in order to resolve problems. In every case, the support has been spot on and appreciated."


Thanks for this product...it's great!

Wayne M.

Thanks for reading!

The FLEXquarters.com Limited Team