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Last Chance To Save On QODBC Version 11 Upgrades


If you have recently upgraded your edition of QuickBooks or are planning to upgrade this year to one of the 2011 editions and have been using a registered version of QODBC in the past, you will need to upgrade your edition of QODBC to a registered version 11 (the serial number will contain 11 in the second and third positions) to continue using QODBC with your QuickBooks 2011 and any applications you may be using the driver with. QODBC is backward compatible with QuickBooks, meaning a registered QODBC version 11 will work with QuickBooks editions 2002-2011 even if you have not upgraded yet but plan to.


On the Buy Now page of our web site we have a rebate form for people upgrading the driver from a previous edition to version 11. This rebate offer applies to registered QODBC users that have purchased a prior edition of the driver who are upgrading to the new edition and this offer will absolutely end March 31, 2011; offer does not apply to first time purchases of product. So even if you haven't upgraded your QuickBooks to 2011 yet but plan on doing so this year, take advantage of the savings on this limited time offer ending March 31, 2011. Click to see the Rebate Form for details.


The read-only desktop edition of QODBC will be included as a feature in the QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 2011 Editions (on the main file menu under Utilities). If you need a read-only edition of QODBC and have this edition of QuickBooks, you are ready to go, no purchase required!


QODBC Registration & Upgrade Tech Tips


Q: I have been using QODBC for years now and suddenly it's telling me it's an expired evaluation copy and I must purchase or activate it, what is happening?


A: QODBC will show this status when it does not recognize the version of QuickBooks it is registered to work with, usually meaning you have just gone to the newest release version of QuickBooks and have not upgraded the driver accordingly.

Q: I just purchased QODBC version 11 and when I try to activate the product I'm getting an error message that the CDKey I'm entering is in the wrong format.


A: With QODBC CDKeys you must enter the dashes, it is recommended that you copy and paste the CDKey into the activation screen. Another cause of this error message to be displayed would be if you are trying to enter the CDKey into the activation screen of a prior build of QODBC other than (current version) or higher, previous versions of QODBC will not accept the new CDKey you are issued.

Q: I have downloaded QODBC version 11 to upgrade my older version and run the program, but when I check the about tab it still shows my previous version.


A: The connection between QuickBooks/QODBC and your application you are using must be closed when updating the driver. When QODBC is in use an upgrade can not overwrite the existing QODBC version, the end of the new installation process will say "Installation Complete" but the driver itself will not be updated and remain your previous version.


QODBC Developers and Consultants


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